This section covers the most commonly asked questions and challanges thay may occur.


Q: Should I use an insulation jacket?

A: The insulation jacket will have a positive effect on your energy usage as it prevents heat loss. We recommend using the jacket if brewing outside or in a cold room.

Q: Can I use the standard silicone tube for tap water?

A: No, the standard silicone tubes are not designed to withstand the tap water pressure.

Q: I don’t have two 16-A circuit breakers. What do I do?

A: The system is designed to be able to limit the average power output to allow usage on lower current circuits. Check out the section about limiting the power output in the user manual.

Q: What is the maximum grain capacity?

A: The maximum grain capacity is found in the specifications and on the product page on our website. Pushing the capacity limits will lower your mash efficiency..

Q: How do I avoid «stuck mash»?

A: Using rice hulls and the correct crush grade is key. We recommend resting the mash (not circulating over the grain bed) the first 20 minutes of the mash process.

Q: Should I stir the grains during mashing?

A: It is important that all the grains are wet and mixed well with the mash water. If you get a stuck mash, you should stir lightly, but stirring will generally reduce the clarity of the wort.

Q:How often should I tighten the nuts on sensors and heating elements?

A: It is a good idea to check the nuts regularly. Also check the TC clamps under the main tank regularly.



Q: The selected sensor is showing N/A

A: If the selected sensor shows N/A on the display, it means the system isn’t reading the sensor. Check the connection and restart the system. If the problem persists, contact the dealer or manufacturer.

Q: Why is the tank and pump sensor showing different temperatures?

A: The temperature sensor in the pump outlet can be affected by ambient temperatures and will normally show a lower value than the tank sensor. You can correct for this in the software (see the online manual). If you think the sensors have a problem, leave the system in a room with a stable ambient temperature overnight, and check the sensors in an empty system.


Heating elements

Q: How do I avoid burning the heating elements?

A: Make sure the heating elements are always covered with liquid. If you do a manual step mash, use the «mash mode » to limit the power output on the heating elements. Some grain types like wheat and flaked oats might increase the risk of burning the heating elements.

Q:The heating elements are touching the edge of the tank. Is this normal?

A: No, there is normally a 10-20mm space between the tank wall and the heating elements. If you’ve run the heaters dry, they might have expanded, and the heating elements become more difficult to clean. The minimum distance is 5mm. If the heaters are touching the wall, the main tank might become discolored.



Q: The pump makes a noise, but no liquid is being pumped

A: You might have air in your system. Start and stop the pump a few times to vent it. Check that the bottom valve is correctly set. Check that the pump is installed as described earlier. Check for blockages in dip tube or elsewhere.

Q: The pump doesn’t run

A: Check that the cable is correctly installed and that the pump speed is set to max on the control system. If nothing happens, turn of the pumps, disconnect the cable and remove the pump. Check that no particles is blocking the impeller or that sugars have hardened inside, locking the impeller.


Software and updates

Q: How do I update the system firmware?

A: When a new firmware version is available, the system will automatically download it and prompt you to install it. This requires a working WiFi connection and that the MicroSD card is installed. The MicroSD card is installed when the system is shipped and is normally not necessary to remove. If there is no MicroSD card installed, firmware will not be updated.

Q: I cannot connect to WiFi. What is wrong?

A: Check that the SSID and password is correctly entered. Both are case sensitive. You can also try setting up an access point on your phone to test another network. The system only supports 2.4 Ghz networks.

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