F100 Unitank, Factory Second

40-90 liters capacity

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Factory Second products have minor cosmetic defects that does not affect the function of the product. Examples are welding mistakes, surface irregularities or small dents.

Our Unitanks are fermenters made for ambitious homebrewers and small breweries. As part of the Brewtools identity, we've explored new techniques and solutions. This has resulted in a series of high end fermentation tanks with new features and a lot of possibilities.

Key Features:
- Our PureBlast™ surface inside and out which eliminate the use of wax and polishing compounds and does not require passivation.
- Cooling jacket in the vertical walls offers efficient cooling without the hazzle of cleaning a spiral.
- Many options for connecting accessories like sensors, heaters, carb. stones and other accessories.
- Pressure rated for 2 bar / 30 PSI.
- 8" TC port on top for easy access.
- 2" TC dump and racking valves.

Our Unitanks are designed and manufactured with special attention to safety and quality.
They are tested and certified according to the requirements for PED 2014/68/EU by a third party.

- Low height w/o acc.: 102 cm
- Max height w/o acc.: 122 cm
- Packaging size: 107 (h) x 60 (w) x 60 (d) cm 
- Net weight: 47.8 kg
- Gross weight: 53.1 kg
- Tank diameter (inside): Ø50 cm
- Gross volume: 109 liter
- Max rec. volume: 90 liter
- Min rec. volume: 40 liter
- Volume, cone: 24 liter
- Material: 1.5mm stainless steel (SS304)
- Operating pressure: 1.0 bar / 15 PSI
- Max pressure: 2.0 bar / 30 PSI 

In the box:
- Unitank with adjustable frame
- 1 pcs Analog pressure gauge, TC34mm
- 2 pcs Butterfly-valve, 2"
- 1 pcs Butterfly-valve, 34mm DN20
- 1 pcs Blow-off pipe
- 1 pcs Racking arm 2"
- 1 pcs TC elbow 90°, 2"
- 1 pcs Insulation jacket, black neoprene
- 1 pcs Sample valve, 34mm
- 1 pcs TC Adapter 8"-4"
- 1 pcs TC blind cap, 4"
- 1 pcs TC blind cap 2"
- 2 pcs TC blind cap 1.5"
- 3 pcs TC blind cap 34mm
- 2 pcs TC gasket 8" lipped
- 2 pcs TC gasket 4"
- 2 pcs TC gasket 2" 5-pack
- 1 pcs TC gasket 1.5" 5-pack
- 3 pcs TC gasket 34mm 5-pack
- 1 pcs Tri Clamp 8"
- 1 pcs Tri Clamp 4"
- 5 pcs Tri Clamp 2"
- 2 pcs Tri Clamp 1.5"
- 10 pcs Tri Clamp 34mm
- 1 pcs TC tool
- 4 pcs M10 steel/rubber feet
- 1 pcs TC34mm safety valve (PRV, 2 bar)
- Necessary bolts and parts for assembly

Recommended accessories include: HopDrop-kit, Thermowells for your sensors, 34mm Ball-Lock gas adapter for CO2 filling, Carb. stone kit with Ball-Lock, Coil for sample valve, Spunding valve, Hose barbs for filling and dumping, 2" sight glass etc.

For more detailed information and user manual, please visit docs.brewtools.com

Note: Model in photo is a prototype. Minor changes and improvements may occcur.

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