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Inline Filter Kit, 2" Ball Lock

For post-fermentation filtration etc.

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Our solution to filtration of fermented beer. The filter kit is installed directly on the butterfly valve out of the fermenter.

The filter kit can also be used for other purposes and can be customized with many accessories and adapters.

If the filter clogs, simply remove one Tri Clamp and rinse it in sanitizer without further disassembly.

Normal use:
- Assemble the filter kit and leave in sanitizer
- Install the filter kit on the fermentation tank valve
- Purge with Co2 a couple of times and relieve the pressure using the PRV
- Open the valve, and let the air out using the PRV
- Connect your ball lock connector to your keg or bottling setup

If used on hot side (over 60 degrees C) we recommend replacing the Poly TC pipe and filter holder with stainless steel equivalents.

The filter kit can be doubled up and you can use a coarse and fine filter in combination using simple parts available as accessories.

More fittings using M16 threads can be used to extend or if you want to use 34mm TC on the filter output.

If you want to use it for TC 34mm or 1.5" we offer adapters to 2".

If you want to build your own filter kit, all parts are available separately.

Included parts:
- Ball lock adapter, 2", Liquid with M16 threads
- 3 pcs Filter, stainless steel 30mm, 300, 600 and 1000 micron
- Filter holder made from food grade Nylon (PA), M16
- TC 2" to 34mm Tee
- TC34mm Manual PRV
- 3 pcs 2" Tri Clamps
- 1 pcs 34mm Tri Clamp
- 2 pcs TC gasket with filter groove (blue)
- 1 pcs 2" Poly TC pipe, 200mm
- 2" and 34mm gaskets


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